Sustaining Early Childhood Learning Gains: Program, School, and Family Influences

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In a new book, Sustaining Early Childhood Learning Gains, editors Arthur J. Reynolds, PhD, a professor in the Institute of Child Development and Judy A. Temple, PhD, a professor in the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, highlight interventions and practices that promote healthy development in the first decade of life and ways schools, families, communities, and public institutions can lend support. This Cambridge University Press volume is available on-line.




Health and Education in Early Childhood: Predictors, Interventions, and Policies

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Health and Education in Early Childhood presents conceptual issues, research findings, and program and policy implications in promoting well-being in health and education in the first five years of life. Leading researchers in the multidisciplinary fields of early learning and human capital formation explore the themes of the integration of health and education in promoting young children's well-being; the timing of influences on child development; and the focus on multiple levels of strategies to promote healthy early development. Through this, a unique framework is provided to better understand how early childhood health and education predictors and interventions contribute to well-being at individual, family community, and societal levels and to policy development. Key topics addressed in the chapters include nutritional status, parenting, cognitive development and school readiness, conduct problems and antisocial behavior, obesity, and well-being in later childhood and adulthood.


Childhood Programs and Practices in the First Decade of Life: A Human Capital Integration

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Childhood Programs and Practices in the First Decade of Life presents research findings on the effects of early childhood programs and practices in the first decade of life and their implications for policy development and reform. Leading scholars in the multidisciplinary field of human development and in early childhood learning discuss the effects and cost-effectiveness of the most influential model, state, and federally funded programs, policies, and practices. These include Head Start, Early Head Start, the WIC nutrition program, Nurse Family Partnership, and Perry Preschool as well as school reform strategies. This volume provides a unique multidisciplinary approach to understanding and improving interventions, practices, and policies to optimally foster human capital over the life course.