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Full-Day Preschool Improves 3rd Grade School Achievement 

November 2023

By: Arthur J. Reynolds, Nicole E. Smerillo, Suh-Ruu Ou, Marley Loveman-Brown, and Nishank Varshney

Three- and four-year-olds participating in full-day preschool in the Child-Parent Center Education Program performed significantly better than their part-day counterparts in 3rd grade reading and math achievement. They also had significantly lower rates of grade repetition. Although short-term gains of full-day programs are well-documented, evidence on long-term gains are mixed. This study of a renowned program addresses the benefits of high-quality early learning experiences. To learn more: 

Read recent news coverage on this study in Education Week and Parents Magazine.

Read HCRC's brief report.

Read the full pre-publication report and supplement here.

Early Childhood Education and Midlife Ideal Cardiovascular Health

October 2023

By: Arthur J. Reynolds, Nishank Varshney, Suh-Ruu Ou, Rachel Kritzik, and Marley Loveman-Brown

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Newly published study reveals that Child-Parent Center participation is associated with higher ideal cardiovascular health as measured by the American Heart Association's Life Simple 7, a behavioral summary of cardiometabolic and lifestyle indicators. Findings support the generalizability of the association between early childhood education and midlife cardiovascular health using a broader, positive measure.  

Closing achievement gaps through preschool-to-third-grade programs.

June 2022

By: Judy A. Temple, Suh-Ruu Ou, and Arthur J. Reynolds

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"In this article, we document gaps in school readiness and achievement in the United States and how they adversely affect the life course development of children and families from underrepresented groups. We emphasize the promising role of preschool-to-3rd grade (P-3) programs to reduce a variety of achievement gaps through comprehensive strategies that enrich educational and family experiences during most of the first decade of life."

Preschool Parent Perceptions of School Climate and Child Achievement

April 2022

By: Nicole E. Smerillo

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"Using data from the Midwest Longitudinal Study of the Midwest Child Parent Center Program, this dissertation study explores the associations between preschool parent perceptions of school climate, child achievement, and the potentially mediational relationships of parent expectations and parent involvement."

Is more child-initiated always better? Exploring relations between child-initiated instruction and school readiness.


By: Julie Vaisarova & Arthur J. Reynolds

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"Using data from the Midwest Child-Parent Center (CPC) Expansion Project, the present study examined the possibility that a blend of child- and teacher-directed practices best promotes school readiness among preschoolers experiencing high levels of sociodemographic risk and explored whether the optimal blend varies based on child characteristics."

Early education and adult health: Age 37 impacts and economic benefits of the Child-Parent Center preschool program.


By: Nishank Varshney, Judy A. Temple, and Arthur J. Reynolds

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Through this study, we wish to examine the following research questions:

  1. Is there a sustained impact of the Chicago CPC preschool program on physical and mental health outcomes through the mid-thirties?
  2. How large are the monetized benefits of improved health relative to program costs?"

Preschool and kindergarten impacts of the Midwest Expansion of the Child–Parent Centers in the Saint Paul Public Schools.


By: Arthur J. Reynolds, Brandt A. Richardson, and Sangyoo Lee

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"The Midwest Child-Parent Center (CPC) Expansion began preschool implementation in fall 2012 in five Minnesota and Illinois districts. This study reports preschool and kindergarten impact findings for the Saint Paul Public School District. It is the first impact study of CPC outside of Chicago...Findings indicate that the CPC program shows evidence that it can be effectively scaled and that the program yields impacts in preschool and kindergarten that exceed the usual early childhood programming in Saint Paul."

Educational Growth Trajectories in Adulthood: Findings From an Inner-City Cohort


By: Suh-Ruu Ou, Sangok Yoo, and Arthur J. Reynolds

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"Educational attainment is typically examined as a static status. As adult learners have become the new trend in higher education, the changes in educational attainment in adulthood warrant more attention...Findings suggest that improving academic achievement and socioemotional learning skills in elementary and middle school and promoting on-time high school graduation are likely to increase one’s chances to continue pursuing higher education in adulthood for Black low-income children."

Does early childhood education enhance parental school involvement in second grade?: Evidence from Midwest CPC Program

October 2020

By: Nishank Varshney, Sangyoo Lee, Judy A. Temple, & Arthur J. Reynolds

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"This paper examines the impact on parent involvement in second grade in the Midwest Child-Parent Centers (MCPC), a high-quality preschool-to-third-grade school reform model. A new focus of research on early childhood programs is understanding how early childhood learning gains can be sustained. Two-generation programs that provide diverse family services may be one approach."