First Grade Modules

Module 1: Learning in Action

Key Ideas: Module 1 of the CPC Professional Development for 2014-15 offers 4 Learning Labs created to address a range of best practice ideas and strategies that can be applied across content areas, curricula, and spaces utilized for first grade instruction. Each lab provides an introduction to the topic and 4 distinct strategy options that invite teachers to further explore learning experiences intended to support greater engagement in and deeper understanding of the content being taught. The CPC Professional Development model relies upon the active guidance of a site based coach/head teacher familiar with the needs and interests of their teachers to enhance the facilitation of the PD. The provision of time for teachers to share, plan, process and/or reflect upon their teaching practices together is also a key element of the success of this blended on-line/in-person professional development system.

Module 2: Learning in Action: Extension

Key Ideas: Module 2 offers teachers and their CPC Coaches/Curriculum Liaisons the opportunity extend upon the ideas and strategies explored in Module 1. Each learning lab provides teachers with 2 additional strategies as well as added resources intended to strengthen their understanding of the topic while allowing for processing and/or planning time so that they might apply such strategies to their work in the classroom.

Note: Online learning modules for 2 nd and 3 rd grade will be developed and aligned with existing
PreK, kindergarten, and first grade content.