About Us

HCRC is an interdisciplinary and cross-college center at the University of Minnesota dedicated to advancing effective public policies and programs for young people through research, outreach, and training spanning birth to early adulthood. Administered through the Institute of Child Development and Humphrey School of Public Affairs, HCRC was established in 2006 as a university-community partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and in collaboration with the Center for Early Education and Development.

In support of its mission, HCRC conducts research on the determinants of child and family well-being; investigates the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of social programs with an emphasis on early childhood development in the first decade; synthesizes, integrates, and disseminates knowledge on socially significant topics; and designs and implements interventions to promote well-being. Consistent with the original mission, HCRC continues as a university- and community-based

The design and conduct of prospective longitudinal studies are hallmarks of the center’s work. The Chicago Longitudinal Study, the largest and longest-running cohort investigation of early childhood programs in the nation, and the Midwest Longitudinal Study, a new-generation cohort project of the Child-Parent Center PreK-3rd grade program are sponsored and run by HCRC. Social impact financing and cost-effectiveness studies of programs for children, youth, and families also are major priorities.