Articles of Interest

Preschoolers’ Profiles of Self-regulation, Social-emotional and Behavior Skills and Its Prediction for a Successful Behavior Adaptation during the Transitional Period from Preschool to Elementary School

Annika Rademacher, Naska Goagoses, Sören Schmidt, Jelena Zumbach & Ute Koglin

This week's compelling study identifies profiles in preschool children based on their self-regulation skills, socio-emotional competencies, and externalizing behaviors, comparing these profiles with regards to their impact on the transition from preschool to elementary school. The results indicate the importance of preschool interventions that foster self-regulatory skills, especially for children at risk of developing difficulties in behavioral adaptation.

Peers and teachers as the best source of social support for school engagement for both advantaged and priority education area students

Delphine Martinot, Alyson Sicard, Birsen Gul, Sonya Yakimova, Anne Taillandier-Schmitt & Célia Maintenant

Our compelling research of the week explores links among students' main sources of social support and their influence on school engagement in adolescence. For both groups, peer support was the only source to have a significant and positive effect on social engagement. The study suggests the benefits of SEL programs that strengthen peer support and prosocial behavior.

Embodied and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in Early Childhood

Akiko Hayashi, Jeffrey Liew, Samantha Dyanne Aguilar, Juliet M. Nyanamba & Yingying Zhao

Our compelling research of the week explains how culturally-relevant and embodied learning can promote social emotional learning (SEL). SEL curriculum policies should situate SEL within students’ lived experiences, physical environments, and community contexts.

Growth mindsets of anxiety: Do the benefits to individual flourishing come with societal costs?

Crystal L. Hoyt

This week's compelling study in the Journal of Positive Psychology explores the duality that growth mindsets serve as a protective role in directly predicting psychological flourishing and indirectly predicting reduced activism against social threats.

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Fifty years of parental involvement and achievement research: A second-order meta-analysis (Nov 2022)

Sungwon Kim

Department of Education, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea

"The main goal of this study is to synthesize the results of past meta-analyses including studies published over the past 50 years examining the relation between parental involvement and student academic achievement for school-age children (grades K-12) in naturally occurring and intervention studies."