Gates Foundation Grant Assesses Key Elements of Early Childhood Programs

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 - 8:30pm

This project will investigate how well the Gates Foundation’s 15 essential elements of high-quality
prekindergarten-- individually and in combination—predict short- and long-term gains in different
domains of learning. Among these elements are adult-child ratios, learning time, teacher-child
interactions, professional development, and data-driven decision making. All elements are summarized in this PDF icon Gates Foundation brief

Similarly, the project will assess the predictive validity of the CPC P-3 core elements, which are
complementary of the Gates elements. The six CPC elements (which also have sub-elements) are
collaborative leadership, effective learning experiences, aligned curriculum, parent involvement and
engagement, professional development, and continuity and stability. These elements and their
measures are described further in the CPC brief.

This study will also compare and contrast the two frameworks in order to develop a more integrative
and comprehensive framework for program development and policy decision-making. For example, a
combination of the two frameworks may be more likely to yield sustained gains that are also scalable.
Some elements may also be less predictive of learning gains.

An initial cross-walk of the Gates and CPC frameworks can be found File here. These will be explored empirically using data from the Midwest Longitudinal Study and the Chicago Longitudinal Study.

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