Preventing Gaps in School Readiness and Early Achievement: The Child-Parent Center (CPC) Preschool to 3rd Grade Program

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 - 12:00pm

Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Presented by Arthur Reynolds, University of Minnesota, and the Midwest CPC Team


St Paul Public Schools - Kate Wilcox-Harris, Lori Erikson & Team

Rochester Public Schools/Families First of Minnesota-Head Start - Peggy O’Toole,Sandy Simar

Minnesota Department of Education, P3 Initiatives - Bobbie Burnham

Minnesota Department of Education, P3 Professional Development - Mike Brown

Minnesota Head Start Association - Gayle Kelly

This event released and profiled the new implementation system and manual for the CPC Preschool to 3rd Grade School Reform Model.  As a nationally renowned model for promoting early childhood development in the first decade, the CPC program simultaneously addresses the school readiness and early achievement gaps through 6 core program elements.  These are Collaborative Leadership, Effective Learning Experiences, Aligned Curriculum, Parent Involvement and Engagement, Professional Development, and Continuity and Stability.

Updates from the Midwest CPC expansion in the Saint Paul Public Schools, Rochester and other districts were highlighted. Resources were  shared to promote P-3 development, alignment, progress monitoring, professional development, and implementation in districts and communities. Financing options including Pay-for-Success initiatives were discussed.