The Developmental Correlates of Early Deprivation: Studies of Orphanage-Adopted Children

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Room 205

Megan Gunnar, Institute of Child Development, UMN

Regents Professor Megan R. Gunnar is the Director of the Institute of Child Development and Associate Director of the interdisciplinary Center for Neurobehavioral Development at the University of Minnesota. Professor Gunnar has spent her career studying the social regulation of stress and its lack in infants and young children. Recently, she has been studying the development of children adopted from orphanages around the world. Internationally she is a member of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research’s Child and Brain Development research group. Nationally, she is a member of the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, a group who translates the science of child development for use by policy makers.

Dr. Gunnar will discuss the development of orphanage-adopted children whose outcomes provide information on the sequelae of starting life in some of the world’s most depriving rearing contexts, when prior to age 3, there is a shift to some of the world’s most enriching environments.

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