2015 Human Capital Research Collaborative National Invitational Conference

Thursday, October 8, 2015 - 8:00am to Friday, October 9, 2015 - 5:00pm

Federal Reserve Bank of MinneapolisSustaining Early Childhood Gains

Presenter Bios [PDF]

Conference summary: Sustaining early childhood education gains [off site] 
Rob Grunewald, Community Dividend, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis


Continental Breakfast

and Continental Breakfast 8:00–8:30


Welcome  8:30–8:45

Art Rolnick, Co-director, Human Capital Research Collaborative

Opening Remarks 8:45–9:00

Karen Hanson, Provost, University of Minnesota 

Narayana Kocherlakota, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Overview: Strategies for Increasing and Sustaining Early Gains 9:00–9:30

Arthur Reynolds, Co-director, Human Capital Research Collaborative [Presentation] [Video, off site to YouTube.com]

Section One: Program Length and Age of Entry

Synthesis of Preschool Dosage: Unpacking How Quantity, Quality and Content Impacts Child Outcomes 9:30–10:00

Barbara Wasik, Temple University [Paper, Presentation] [Video, off site to YouTube.com]

Program and Continuity in Young Children’s Educational Experiences 10:00–10:30

Deborah Stipek, Stanford University [Paper, Presentation]

Break 10:30–10:45

Same Program, Different Outcomes:  Understanding Differential Effects from Access to Free, High-Quality Early Care 10:45–11:15

Aaron Sojourner, University of Minnesota [Paper, Presentation] [Video, off site to YouTube.com]

Discussion (led by Sharon and Craig Ramey) 11:15–11:35

Lunch and Luncheon Remarks 11:35–12:45

Libby Doggett, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Policy and Early Learning, U.S. Department of Education

Section Two: Program Quality

Teacher Influences, Teacher Effects, and Program Effectiveness in Early Childhood Education 12:45–1:15

Greg Camilli, Rutgers University [Paper, Presentation] [Video, off site to YouTube.com]

Boosting School Readiness with Preschool Curricula 1:15–1:45

Greg Duncan, University of California, Irvine [Paper, Presentation] [Video, off site to YouTube.com]

Family Engagement Is a Public Good: Past, Present, and Future 1:45–2:15

Heather Weiss, Harvard University [Presentation] [Video, off site to YouTube.com]

Discussion (lead off by Helen Blank) 2:15–2:35

Break 2:35–3:00

Section Three: Preschool to Third-Grade Continuity

Midwest Child-Parent Center Preschool to Third-Grade Program: Year 1 Findings from Chicago 3:00–3:30

Arthur Reynolds, University of Minnesota [Presentation] [Video, off site to YouTube.com]

State Policies that Support Children's Literacy through a Coordinated and Connected PreK-3rd Grade Education 3:30–4:00

Laura Bornfreund and Abbie Lieberman, New America Foundation [Paper,Presentation] [Video, off site to YouTube.com] 

Discussion (led by Barbara Bowman) 4:00–4:20

General Discussion 4:20–5:00


Refreshments and Networking 5:00–5:45


Reflections of Enhancing Children’s Outcomes since “Eager to Learn” 5:45–7:45

Barbara Bowman, Erikson Institute


Continental Breakfast

Networking and Continental Breakfast 8:00–8:30

Section 4: School Quality Across Contexts

Maintaining the Impacts of Head Start on Children's Long-Term Development: Follow-up to the Follow-up of the Head Start Impact Study 8:30–9:00

Andrew Mashburn, Portland State University [Abstract, Presentation] [Video, off site to YouTube.com]

Reframing Policy and Practice Deliberations: Twelve Hallmarks of Strategies to Sustain Early Childhood Gains 9:00–9:30

Sharon and Craig Ramey, Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute [Paper,Handout] [Video, off site to YouTube.com]

Lessons on Sustaining Early Gains from Life-Course Longitudinal Studies 9:30–10:15

Larry Schweinhart [Presentation] [Video, off site to YouTube.com]

Frances Campbell, UNC Chapel Hill [Presentation] [Video, off site to YouTube.com]

Arthur Reynolds, University of Minnesota [Presentation]

Discussion (led by Arthur Reynolds) 10:15–10:30

Break 10:30–10:45

Section 5: Putting into Practice: National and Regional Perspectives

Opening Remarks 10:45–12:15

Libby Doggett, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Policy and Early Learning, U.S. Department of Education

Panel Discussion moderated by Libby Doggett

Marci Young, Vice-President, US Network Impact, United Way Worldwide

Kate Wolford, President, McKnight Foundation

Sara Vecchiotti, Chief Program Officer, Foundation for Child Development

Rip Rapson, President and CEO, Kresge Foundation

[Video of Panel Discussion, off site to YouTube.com]

Closing Remarks 12:15–12:30

Lunch and Final Discussion 12:30–1:30

Thank you to Target Foundation for supporting the conference.