The Human Capital Research Collaborative (HCRC) was created to apply rigorous multi-disciplinary research to make visible the needs of our youngest children and to inform the decisions of policymakers and professionals working in multi-disciplinary fields impacting the health and well-being of children. When people with specialized knowledge are able to combine their knowledge with that from other disciplines, new and exciting ideas emerge. HCRC brings together researchers and faculty members from within and outside the University of Minnesota to develop and synthesize research on cost-effective investments in young people. HCRC research is conducted by teams drawing on the expertise of researchers in many fields, including neurology, psychology, sociology, criminology, education, economics, and public health.      

Because policy tends to be created in silos – education, housing, economic development, and health–connections are often missed on how policy influences child development. HCRC’s multidisciplinary research allows it to take a holistic approach and offer integrated policy prescriptions.