Working Papers

The Discussion Paper Series on Human Capital is intended to advance and disseminate knowledge on human development from birth to young adulthood. Papers are typically pre-publication drafts of on-going research that may stimulate comment and interest in the well-being of children, from infants to young adults. The scope of the Series is both comprehensive and multidisciplinary. Papers may address any aspect of development including program evaluations and policy analyses, family, school, and community influences, strategies for promoting economic development, and biological and psychological foundations. Links between human capital and economic development, public health, and K-12 education also are encouraged. All disciplinary perspectives are sought, including economics, education, human development, psychology, public affairs, public health, social work, and sociology.

The series is especially interested in empirical research, reviews and essays, theoretical syntheses, evaluations, and policy analyses that have implications for promoting well-being, including early development, and effective education. Research with direct relevance to the State of Minnesota also is encouraged. Submissions to the Series will be reviewed and edited for appropriateness by the Human Capital Research Collaborative prior to dissemination.