The underlying mission of all of HCRC’s work is to promote the advancement and dissemination of multi-disciplinary research, making it readily accessible to scholars, practitioners and policy makers. Access to the latest, cutting-edge research enables the implementation of evidence-based practices and formulation of data-driven polices to best assure the health and well-being of all children.

HCRC engages in multiple strategies to make the latest research available, including:

Book Publications

Childhood Programs and Priorities in the First Decade of Life: A Human Capital Integration. A Human Capital Integration was written with an eye toward influencing Early Child Development (ECD) policy and reform. Leading scholars connected to HCRC offer their findings on the effects and cost effectiveness of the most influential state and federally funded programs, policies, and practices.

Health and Education in Early Childhood: Predictors, Interventions, and Policies. Health and Education in Early Childhood is a multidisciplinary study of the links between children’s health in their early years and how health is both a contributor to growth and mental development and a predictor of later life health and social success.

Child-Parent Center P-3 Program Manual. The CPC P-3 Manual describes how to implement a comprehensive system of services for promoting school readiness, achievement, and healthy development in a child’s first decade. 

Fact Briefs

The briefs consist of two-page summaries of ECD topics of interest to ECD scholars, practitioners and policy-makers. Topics include high-quality preschool, class size, curriculum, fade-out, funding, and parent involvement.

Research Papers/Journal Articles

Research papers and journal articles provide an on-going mechanism for dissemination of the most current research findings to scholars, practitioners and policy-makers working to apply the highest standards in addressing the needs of the children and families they serve.

Working Papers

A discussion paper series is also available. Papers are typically pre-publication drafts of on-going research that may stimulate comment and interest in the well-being of children, from infants to young adults. Topics span from early learning and parent involvement to long-term predictors of adult well-being.